Putting Green Installation in Orlando

Finding the time to play or practice can be difficult for those who love golf. Golf is a practice that necessitates dedication and time and arriving on the green early. Putting green installation is ideal for those looking to sneak some practice into their day.

Artificial Grass Of Orlando provides putting green installation for both indoor and outdoor spaces and can allow you to enhance your golf skill from the comfort of your own home or any other space. We’ve been in the artificial grass industry for years and have provided countless Orlando clients with the turf to suit their needs.

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Maintenance-Free Putting Green

One of the natural benefits of our artificial putting greens is that they don’t require any maintenance. Our turf will look great all year round without needing to be mowed or trimmed. Lawnmowers are cumbersome, and extensive usage can lead to back or knee injuries.

Artificial Grass Of Orlando can save you the trouble and the expensive fuel costs. Our greens only need to be raked from time to time. Further, our putting green doesn’t need to be watered so that you can forego a sprinkler system as well.

Various Artificial Grass Types

Working with Artificial Grass Of Orlando for your artificial turf installation ensures that you have a range of choices on offer. We offer putting greens with many different materials that provide various benefits for your at-home golf experience. Some turf types are easier to maintain, some replicate different kinds of courses, and all come at various costs.

You should never feel limited in your choices for artificial turf when you can easily have all sorts of turf types at your disposal by turning to Artificial Grass Of Orlando. We’ll even be able to recommend the best material to use depending on your needs. If you’re looking to simulate a particular green style, we’ll have the right option at hand.

Simply reach out to our team to discuss the putting green you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to provide an expert recommendation and seamless installation.

Putting Turf for Better Health

Today’s workplaces often leave us with long hours of sitting and doing sedentary work. Unfortunately, our bodies were never meant to spend such long periods idly. Aside from repetitive injuries, an overly sedentary lifestyle can lead to other health problems. However, a little bit of movement goes a long way. When you have a putting green in your backyard, it’s easier to build a healthy routine. If you’re not looking to work up a sweat, golf is ideal, as it includes plenty of:

  • Walking
  • Standing
  • Swinging
  • Lunching
  • Reaching
  • Stretching
  • Bending
  • And more

The increase in movement that putting brings can improve your blood pressure and increase circulation. Golf doesn’t just feel good. It can extend your life.

Reduce Stress Through a Putting Green

It’s no secret that golf is one of the most relaxing practices out there. The concentration, the quiet, the planning, and the focused swings are excellent ways to calm your body and relieve pent-up stress. When your body has a way of naturally mitigating stress, it can aid creativity and productivity. Some of the best ideas might come to you while you’re in a relaxed mindset. If you ever find yourself constantly tense as you deal with life’s many issues, putting green might be ideal.

Increase Your Home’s Value with a Putting Green

A putting green isn’t just an investment in your enjoyment at home. While a new putting green in the convenience of your own backyard will significantly improve the amount of fun you can have at home, it also directly impacts the value of your property. A standout feature like an at-home putting green might help you make a mark in the real estate market if you decide on selling at any point—especially when it is low-maintenance and durable.

A lush putting green in your backyard can significantly boost your home’s value to potential buyers. Landscaping work factors significantly into a home’s value, and buyers are always looking for elements that they wouldn’t have to add themselves. By installing a vibrant putting space within your home, you can draw the eye of any buyer on the market.

Perfect Your Putting Game with Artificial Grass Of Orlando

If you’re an avid golfer and want to take your game to the next level, how convenient would it be not to have to leave the house to play anytime you want? It almost sounds too good to be true.

With Artificial Grass Of Orlando, you get the goods without the hassle of maintaining a natural grass green. You can work on your putting game in the comfort of your own backyard with no distractions or set tee times. We’re not suggesting you never hit the links again, but we know that practicing at home will help you improve for when you’re out on the greens in company with others. With customized putting green installations on your property, you can easily find ways to improve your putting game. We offer greens of various sizes, shapes, and levels with multiple angles and challenges to help you practice for the course.

Stay sharp for the green and improve your putting game without leaving home. We offer outstanding putting greens that help you constantly work out the kinks of your swing, so you can deliver cleaner puts when it matters. Contact us to get your green installed today!

Putting Green and Artificial Turf for Your Space

You may not be sure if your space is right for a putting green. The truth is, no matter the size and shape of your exterior, you’re a candidate for a fantastic putting green. We customize our putting green designs to each client and tailor a result that suits your property. Even if you have a tight space, we can work within these limitations.

Artificial Grass Of Orlando is the leading provider of artificial turf in Orlando, and we have a solid commitment to customer service. For a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain addition, call (352) 559-4577 today for a putting green installed in your home.

Putting Green Installation in Orlando

If you wish to install a putting green on your private property, Artificial Grass Of Orlando is the only name to know. We have been installing putting greens in the local area for years, and we take great pride in the work we do. Whether you are looking to install a small plot or an expansive section of your lawn, no job is too big or small.

Reach us at (352) 559-4577 to discuss your needs with our experts and transform your Orlando property.

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Be the Life of the Party with a Personal Putting Green

With a personal putting green in your back yard, your property will become the ultimate entertaining space. Grill up some burgers and treat your friends to an evening of put practice!

Whether you have kids, friends, or family members who love golf, visitors will be sure to have fun whenever they come to your house. With our reliable artificial turf that can withstand high foot traffic, we turn every BBQ into a friendly putting competition.

Our experts will create a putting area that is as beautiful as it is functional, so it suits the overall aesthetic of your residential exteriors while being great for golf!

Do you want to see an example of our work? Visit our online gallery!

Fast Putting Green Installations from Our Experts

No matter how respectful your contractors are, you don’t want strangers hanging around your property for too long. When you hire our team to complete a putting green installation, we’ll spring into action – scheduling your appointment at a convenient time and collecting the materials needed. Before we arrive at your property, we will make an action plan to ensure we can perform the installation as quickly and efficiently as possible without overlooking the details.

Make Your Property Stand Out with a Putting Green

Florida is full of avid golfers and having a putting green installed on your property isn’t just something you’ll enjoy, but it will make your home stand out on the real estate market too!

To reap the benefits of this feature, however, it’s important to have it designed and installed by an expert team, and that’s where we come in.

Our specialists will fit a putting green on your property that suits your space perfectly, and we look forward to doing so.

Easy to Maintain Putting Turf

One of the very best things about installing turf on your property is just how easy it is to maintain. Artificial grass, the stuff that makes up putting, requires little to no maintenance, unlike natural grass that will be affected by the weather and regular foot traffic!

Greens at golf courses require special mowers and attention to maintain their crisp surface. With an artificial green installation, you won’t ever have to mow, water, fertilize, or seed your putting green. It will last in perfect condition without any care on your part. Keep your property looking beautiful with a putting green that looks lush with no effort.

Even for the days when putting is off the schedule, having a lush artificial turf will help your exteriors look beautiful!

Competitive Rates on Turf Installation

You don’t have to blow your budget installing a putting green – in fact, our team is proud to offer some of the best rates on artificial turf and putting green installation in the local area. The cost of your project will depend on the size of the site and the amount of material needed, but our experts would be happy to take some measurements and crunch some numbers before we get to work.

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Build the Perfect At-Home Golf Pitch

Florida is golf country! There are many avid golfers here, and if you’re one of them, you want to spend as much time on the course as possible. However, playing golf all day isn’t a reality for all of us, and if you’re looking to practice your putt from the comfort of home, putting in a putting green could be a great option!

Your friends at Artificial Grass Of Orlando are very proud to offer putting green installation services here in Orlando. Our installations are fast yet detail-oriented, delivering results designed to withstand changing weather and regular foot traffic.

If you want to learn more about installing putting greens on your property, our team wants to hear from you. Contact us at (352) 559-4577 to learn more today!

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Reach Your Local Turf Experts

If you have been thinking about installing a putting green in your yard, Artificial Grass Of Orlando is the team to call.

As turf specialists, we know precisely how to get you the best green ever. We offer you our putting green and artificial grass installation expertise. With our help, you can turn your backyard into your own putting dojo.

For the best installation at the best prices in Orlando, make sure you are contacting Artificial Grass Of Orlando. We know just what you are looking for.

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Relax at Home with a Backyard Putting Green

Imagine how fun it would be to have your very own putting green at home. Now imagine that you never have to maintain or mow the grass.

There are few things as fun as golf for some people, and if you are one of those people, our putting green installation expertise can certainly help.

We will provide you with a perfectly level home putting green to practice on. Our team takes pride in their quality of work, so you can be sure the artificial grass we install on your property will be of the highest quality and installed correctly.

Dozens of homeowners and business owners in the local area have benefitted from our putting green installation services, and we look forward to showing you what we have to offer!

Orlando Backyard Putting Green Expertise

After installing many home putting greens in Orlando, we have developed an expertise on the subject. Our fast installation skills are made possible by our incredible team, who has a profound understanding of every part of the installation process.

Our proficiency at installing home putting greens allows us to keep our prices down. Since we have successfully done many of these jobs, we have the upper hand over the competition. Our speed helps too. The installation process will be swift, our quotes will be priced moderately, and we will be off your property in no time, leaving only a beautiful putting green behind.

Help Your Property Stand Out on the Market with Putting Green Installation

How many homes have their very own putting green? Not many! If you want to help your home stand out in this competitive housing market, investing in putting green installation could be a great choice!

Golfers will be thrilled to have a place to practice their shot, and artificial turf is also the perfect way to maintain a neat, lush, green property without extensive maintenance.

To learn more about how adding a putting green to your property could increase its market value, be sure to reach our experts. We’re always happy to chat with prospective clients about their properties!

An Innovative Artificial Turf Installation Company

The world of artificial turf is constantly changing, there are always new products on the market and improved installation techniques to learn. To bring you the very best turf installation services, our team keeps its finger on the pulse. We are always training and retraining our staff on how best to fit putting greens to bring you better services, each and every time.

If you’d like to learn more about the products we install, give our expert team a call. We’re always happy to share this information with you, answer your questions and address concerns.

The Putting Green Installation Process

To begin installing your custom home putting green, first, we will book a consultation to discuss what you are looking for. We will agree on the layout, work out a budget, and set a schedule for installation.

Once we arrive, we will begin by tearing up and leveling the desired green location. We will compact the area and apply our base. We’ll top the base off with sand, then roll the turf on.

Our turf team will precisely cut the turf to the desired shape, stretch it out flat, and secure it—no bubbles or wrinkles on the putting green. The final step is filling in the turf with fine industrial sand, which will help achieve an authentic golf-course feel.

From us, you can expect:

  • Accurate quotes
  • Thorough consultations
  • Knowledgeable, helpful staff
  • On-time, hardworking team
  • Fast turnaround times
  • High-end synthetic turf installation

Find Great Rates on Putting Green Installation

Despite adding significant value to your property, putting green installations shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg—and with Artificial Grass Of Orlando, they don’t. Our team is proud to offer some of the best rates on artificial turf installation in the local area, and we look forward to sharing this competitive pricing with you.

The total cost of your installation service will depend on the size of your property, but our team will be happy to assess your space, take measurements, and provide you with a detailed cost breakdown before we get started.

To get a quote for your artificial turf installation, reach our passionate experts by phone or email at your convenience. We’re always eager to speak with new clients.

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